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Almost without exception, if you are in business you’ll benefit from an active, well planned social media and networking strategy. The way you use social media and the methods you use for social networking will heavily depend on your particular business, the skills you or your team have and the amount of time you can dedicate to your efforts.

Social media management can be a time consuming activity with little or no tangible ROI (Return On Investment) if you don’t plan your social media actions sufficiently.

We can help you implement your social media activity efficiently and effectively.

Whether you are using social media for personal use or for business, many of the basic principles of use are the same. However, there are some key fundamental differences. Get it wrong and you can do immeasurable damage to your brand. Get it right and you’ll potentially grow your business in more ways than you can imagine.

Our friendly jargon free style will help you understand the secrets behind creating an awesome social media presence for your business, identify your ideal audience and how best to engage with them.

Blog For Success!

A great social media presence is only part of the equation. Creating a range of unique and useful content for your website is essential to growing an engaged audience that is more likely to convert into loyal customers.

Producing unique and interesting content that is truly useful to your ideal customer is crucial and should be at the forefront of your online content marketing strategy. Carefully crafted unique content that followers want to share is like gold dust from an SEO point of view.

Sound like gobbledygook? Don’t worry!

We can help strip away all your blogging frustrations and fear.

Having won at the UK Blog Awards in 2014 and then receiving Highly Commended Awards in both 2015 and 2016, we know a thing or two about creating and running a successful blog.

Hire us to help with your business blogging and social media and we’ll share our award winning approach to growing an engaged audience with you. We’ll help you identify your ideal audience, where to find them and how to encourage them to become loyal customers.

We’ll help you create ideas for fantastic content that will have visitors flocking to your website and followers sharing your posts across the web. This is one of the best methods for improving SEO and the visibility of your brand online.

We’ll be with you every step of the way but it is important to remember that there are no quick fixes or guaranteed way to get your website to the top of search engine results. Online content marketing and social media is an ongoing process and takes time and continued effort.

Take the time, make the effort and you WILL see results.


7 Essential Award Logos

Social media and blogging has transformed our business. Let us help you transform your business too.




LETS GET SOCIAL is the ideal solution for any soloprenaur, startup or small business planning to extend their reach and build their audience  via social media. We will help you identify up to four social media platforms that suit your business objectives and then create business profiles for each.

We’ll follow this up with up to 2 hours of one to one training to ensure you understand all the basics for each platform chosen.




KEEP IT SOCIAL is the perfect option for any small business. If you are looking to maximise your ROI (Return On Investment) for your social media activities then our KEEP IT SOCIAL service is for you.

Setting up social channels is the easy (well, easier) bit. Keeping it going consistently with interesting and engaging content is a bit more of a challenge.

Our KEEP IT SOCIAL service includes…

  • A review of your current social media activity and performance.
  • A consultation and planning session (up to 2 hours). We’ll discuss your current social media activity and performance and pinpoint any areas for potential improvement. We’ll show you how to create an editorial calendar and then work with you to start building ideas for content.
  • You’ll finish the session with a better understanding of your social audience, a template for your editorial calendar, a number of ideas for social content and a list of tasks to improve your social performance.


From £40 per hour

We can help ensure you are getting the very best return from your social media activity with regular one to one review meetings. These are available on an ad hoc basis or you can hire us on a monthly retainer to offer up to 4 hours of help and advice at a reduced rate.


From £40 per channel

If your social media and social networking efforts aren’t achieving the buzz and engagement you were hoping for then let us help get you on the right track. Our Social Media Audits will analyse your social media accounts and provide you with a written report detailing information about how to optimise your profile, suggestions for improving your social engagement and advice on other features that may take your online social performance to the next level.



From £40 per hour

Are you a business looking to maximise your online brand exposure?  Creating an active and engaging blog can help elevate you head and shoulders above your competition online.

Take advantage of our award winning approach and hire us to help build your online presence, exposure and credibility. We can help you craft ideas for content, create a content marketing plan and even write engaging content for you.


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