Learn how to create and maintain your own business website.

Save time. Save money. Take control.

Join us on one of our regular WordPress For Business Workshops in Ipswich and we’ll cover all the basics about how to set up and use WordPress for business as well as sharing web design best practices and tips to ensure you don’t fall victim to the most common pitfalls.

For most small business owners, having the ability to make changes to your business website is essential. This can save you time and money as well as giving you the flexibility to update your customers exactly when you need to.

There are numerous platforms available to build a website but by far the most popular is WordPress.

WordPress is probably the most powerful blogging and content management system (CMS) in existence today.

Recent surveys have shown that over 20% of all websites on the web are powered by WordPress. That’s pretty impressive! But what makes it so popular?

Firstly, the core software is FREE and we all love something for free don’t we?! Secondly, it has the power and flexibility to grow with you as your business online confidence and ambitions grow. No other blogging platform offers the flexibility and plethora of features offered by WordPress and its community.

The core WordPress system offers you all the basic features you need to start your business website in no time at all. Adding blog posts, static pages, photo galleries, videos and audio is all straightforward. Powerful and intuitive formatting options can help you make your blog look slick and professional too.

Add to this the power of WordPress plugins and WordPress themes and almost any look or functionality is possible.

There’s no substitute for hiring a professional web designer or developer if your budget allows but if money is tight and creating your own website is your only option then our WordPress For Business workshop is for you!

Even if you work with an existing web designer or developer, our WordPress For Business workshops will give you an invaluable insight into the capabilities of WordPress and will arm you with the confidence to ask  your Web designer/developer the right questions to ensure you are getting the best out of them.

Typical Subjects Covered…

We can tweak the content of training to meet your exact needs but typical subjects covered include…

  • An introduction to WordPress – Why is it so popular and what version is best for your business?
  • WordPress hosting and installation options – How to get started including choosing a suitable domain and hosting provider.
  • Configuring WordPress setup options – How to set up WordPress correctly for your business.
  • An introduction to WordPress themes – Discover how to transform the look of your website to match your brand and stand out from the crowd.
  • Adding content to your WordPress website – How to add pages and posts. Understand the importance of Categories and Tags. Manage links and user comments.
  • An introduction to WordPress Plugins – Essential plugins for any website plus add extra functionality to your website using a variety of other plugins.
  • Managing media in WordPress – What is the Media Library? Uploading images, basic image formatting. Add video. Add audio.
  • Administering WordPress – Managing user roles and permissions.
  • An introduction to SEO – Simple methods to boost your websites visibility and search engine page ranking.
  • Web design best practices and tips – A variety of things to consider and implement to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your website adds real value to your overall business.
  • Measuring the performance of your website – A range of software and techniques to monitor the effectiveness of your website. Is your website converting visitor actions into business goals efficiently and effectively?



£40 per hour


Offered in HALF DAY or FULL DAY formats. Guide prices are as follows…

HALF DAY (3Hrs) –

For up to 4 people


(£35 extra pp – up to a max of 10 people)

FULL DAY (6Hrs) –

For up to 4 people


(£70 extra pp – up to a max of 10 people)


£49 per person

Our WordPress For Business workshops offer the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and get to grips with what WordPress can do for your business.

Spaces are limited to only five attendees ensuring you have plenty of time with the workshop tutor to fully understand what’s being taught and to ask plenty of questions.

Workshops are 3 hours in duration and are usually held outside of normal working hours (early evenings and Saturday mornings).

Workshop dates will be announced soon. Register your interest below to be the first to know dates and locations.


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